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Improving Peoples Life

Our purpose is to improve the life of people with hearing loss.  We do that by providing information to our members, to regulatory agencies, legislative bodies, and providers

We hold regular meetings once a month from September through June with a informative guest speakers or where we share experiences and knowledge with others.

We publish an informative newsletter each month.

We are affiliated with the National Hearing Loss Association of America and Loop New Mexico

We publish important information for people with hearing loss.

Watch the September 17th Meeting Video with

Maddie Hickel

My Experience Losing My Hearing

Guest speaker Mathew "Maddie" Hickel is a 63 year old, University of New Mexico Interdisciplinary alumni.  He has spet 30 years as a registered nurse.  In a tramatic turn of events, Maddie lost his hearing three years ago.  Maddie shared his story of this experience.


Go to our "Resources" Page for more videos of previous meetings


We apologize for the techical difficulties we had with the September meeting. We were test driving our new hybrid meeting approach, where we both have in person attendees and Zoom participants.  We discovered technical problems with our first try and will do another test for our October meeting - which will be a Zoom Meeting for our members.  

Our Next Meeting is Oct 15, 2022

10:00 am MDT

It will be a Zoom Meeting

Olivia Fadul will be presenting the ABCs of Listening Skills for Hearing Loss: Navigating after 2020. This program is aimed to provide research, life experiences and best practices for those living with hearing loss.

Olivia joined the Hearing Loss Association of America’s (HLAA) - Albuquerque (ABQ) chapter in August 2021. She now serves as HLAA-ABQ program chair. Fadul, who has lived with hearing loss since age 5, considers herself an advocate for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH).  In Jan 2022, Fadul founded the University of New Mexico DHH Support group. Her dream is to expand DHH support groups for College Age individuals. Currently, Fadul is a Counselor Education and Supervision doctoral student focusing on DHH mental health and disabilities. She is working towards training and educating mental health, private, school, and career counselors on best practices on working with DHH and disability clients. In addition to that, Fadul’s passion is universal design for those living with disabilities. She believes it will improve the quality of life not only for those living with disabilities, but also for all individuals


Zoom Link for Meeting will be posted here

In the future, we will be having "Hybrid" meetings -

Both "In Person" and using Zoom


The "In Person" meetings, will be held at

Los Altos Christian Church


11900 Haines Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM

  • Meetings will include Captioning

  • Meetings will include Sign Language Interpreters

  • In Person meetings are "Looped"

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Providing Valuable Information


October 2022 Issue

The monthly newsletter is mailed or emailed to members  The newsletter is a must read for people who want to be informed about how to deal with hard of hearing challenges.

Providing Information

Our "Resources" page has a wide variety of information ranging from Guidelines for Purchasing Hearing Aids to Medicines That Can Effect Your Hearing AND vidios of most of our informative Zoom meetings.


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We encourage you to use the following smartphone application to both (1) measure the noise level at venues (restaurants, cafes, coffee/tea shops, bars) that you frequent and (2) search for quiet venues (where there are adequate measurements). 


Check out this smartphone app!


Soundprint - Available for Android Devices or iPhone


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Call (888) 444-8081, choose "Option 3" to sign up or re-enroll. Ask for "Hearing Loss Association Of America - Albuquerque Chapter".  The  "Not for Profit Organization" number for Smith’s is NC419.

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